March 30, 2013

Lady Alexandra - Reimagined

*drumroll* Presenting...

... Lady Alexandra!! (or as I loving call her Rady Arex. AHAHAHAHAHA!!!)The last stitch went in at about 4pm EST yesterday and I am so pleased with how she turned out! :D

The Particulars:
Lady Alexandra by Mirabilia
Color conversion by Vanessa M.
Facial rechart by Heidi B.
Fabric: Merfolk's Morn, 32ct hand-dyed  belfast by SMF
(Gifted by Brenda D.)
Stitched 2 over 2
Floss: DMC, Kreinik
Beads: Mill Hill, Pearls
Started: December 7th, 2012
Finished: March 29th, 2013

I changed her earrings, ring, and tiara to pearls to match her necklace. I, for one, would never be dressed to the nines and have non-matching jewelry. ;) The chopsticks in her hair are stitched with kreinik.

The beads on the 'tendrils' of her dress were changed from the original blue to a light lilac.

Apart from the above changes, all the beads were as charted. I love how the purples of the beads and floss blend and compliment each other so perfectly. I'm such a tone-on-tone girl. :)

I shall leave you with more close-up pics, and a shot up her skirt. ;)

March 27, 2013

Random Afternoon Question

I'm posting on the fly here and using the Blogger app, so let's hope everything comes out ok. LOL.

I'm kinda cheating with this post, cos the question is:

Wanna see a face?

March 22, 2013

Duck, Duck, Goose

Hubby: There's a duck!

Me: Huh? Wha'??

Hubby: In your stitching...

*scrambles to look at picture from the previous post*

Me: *gasping and dying of laughter* I'm going to have to post about this!!!

Thus, the topic of today's post. Might as well fly (pun intended, HAHAHA) with it, right?

First things first. Y'all want a new WIP, right? Lady A's gloves and clutch are done. YAY!! See the duck?? LOL!

I started on her skin last night and hopefully that part will be done by the end of the week. I have to do a training session on Saturday though, so that will be about 5 hours of no stitching. :(

A few weeks ago, outside of hubby's office, a mama duck decided to lay her eggs in an ashtray.

So, a notice went up on the wall and everyone is eagerly waiting for the duckling to hatch. *fingers crossed*

We're wondering how she's going to get her babies out of there when they're old enough...

I'll keep you guys posted!

Now, we can't have a Friday post without something cute, right? With the topic at hand... awwwwwh....!!!! :D

Try as I might, and believe me I tried!, I couldn't find a cute guy with a duck or goose!! So, what's a girl to do but make her own. After all, I can't have my readers disappointed before they start their weekend, can I? ;)

March 19, 2013

March IHSW Report

How were your IHSW's?? :D I am looking forward to checking out YOUR BLOGS and gorgeous stitching this week.

Mine? I stitched!!!!! LOL!!! With how rare that occasion is, maybe I should have made the announcement a different way...

*clears throat, flexes fingers*


There, that's better. :D

OH!!!... And I hardly played D3! Maybe a couple of hours each weekend night with the usual gang. I know right? Whatever happened to me? LOL!!

I'm sorry this post is a day late. I was at the new office all day yesterday and didn't get to take a picture till now. I'm also typing a gazillion words a minute as I'm wanting to get this posted before heading out for a lunch appointment with a student's mom. I hope this post makes sense, cos in my head, I'm sounding like a headless chicken... cluck, cluck, cluuuuuck!!! What am I saying? Headless chickens can't cluck!

Alright! Enough rambling. You want to see a WIP, don't you? Here she is!!! :D

I wanted to get her gloves and purse done as well, but am lacking a couple of colors still. :( Hopefully, those will be done in the next couple of nights. Then, it's on to skin. YUCK!!! I think I've decided on her final face. I'll try and not hold out on you guys for too long on that. If all goes well, I'll have that for next week's stitching post.

I'm trying to get back into some kind of a groove with the new work schedules. I owe emails!! I miss you guys!!

I have to run now...


March 13, 2013

March IHSW

OH MY WORD!!!!!! Is this weekend our third full weekend of March, which means it's IHSW time??!!! I just checked the calendar again and what do you know??? It's IHSW time, you guys!!

Surely my eyes doth deceiveth me!! I'm going to bed!

P/S. See you this weekend!! :D

March 12, 2013

Hellooo-OOoo-oo000000 Out There

How are you guys doing? :D

I'm still alive(!!!)... albeit alternately busy and lazy... thus explaining the long silence and lack of cutie pie pictures, both of the two- and four-legged kind.

We'll just cover the 'busy' portion of things, since there's not much 'xplaining to do for the 'lazy' portion. LOL!!!

Sometime over the last couple of months, I've finished my requirements to become both a Notary Public and a Notary Signing Agent. Yippee!! I've started training for mortgage closings and the like and since this is a job that allows me to set my own hours, I'm looking forward to it working out nicely.

I kinda missed Feb's IHSW. I think I stitch maybe 1 thread length. :S I did some crafting alright and yeah, you guessed it, it was in D3. LOL!

Crafted Monkette a honey of an amulet on the third try which gave me a huge DPS (damage) boost. (To give an example of how awesome this was, some people have crafted a few hundred amulets and haven't come close to the stats on this one.)

I have crafted more since then as well, but nothing has been as good. :( Why keep trying, you ask? Well, see how the amulet has lightning resist? That's the wrong resist for Monkette since she stacks cold resist!!! Booo-hoooo! :( A friend called me picky. Surely, he jests!!! How is wanting perfection, picky?? Am I right or am I right? I'm right. LOL!!!

The week after IHSW, I finally put needle and thread to fabric and finished Lady A's dress. I'm so loving her purple dress!! :D I've left out some of the colors in in the round blobs and will wait till I get the beads to decide on the floss colors for those areas.

Bead wise, after numerous discussions with stitching friends and hubby, I've decided to switch out the light blue beads that goes into the 'tentacle' parts of her dress to a crystal lilac color bead. This allows me to almost go tone-on-tone with her dress and beads. Should be a good look, I think. :D

This past weekend, I finished her bodice and started on the sash and gloves. I'll be working on these portions in tandem since they have the same colors. Hopefully, it won't take me too long before I get to her face though I still haven't decided on the final face as yet.

I think that's about it from me for now. Since you guys have had to share me for so long with D3, I thought I'd leave you with a new picture of Monkette. :D