July 19, 2016

IHSW July 2016 Report

So I didn't too great hermitting this past weekend. Can't even really report on anything exciting that I did instead of stitching. Though, I vaguely remember some lounging, chores, lounging, browsing for random charts, lounging, groceries, loung.... you get the idea. LOL!

Why is it that time flies by so quickly on weekends but draaaaag its ass along during the week? Why do long holiday weekends never come soon enough? Why are there so many beautiful things to stitch and so little time to do it? Why am I asking stupid questions instead of showing you my blobs? ;)

Yexian, Stephanie Pui-Man Law, HAED

Tomorrow marks hubby's and my 20th Anniversary. Where does the time go? Seems like just yesterday that we were in Malaysia celebrating with friends and family.

"Where does the time go?" That's a question my mom and I often ask in our conversations. It seems to me that the days have been passing by so quickly the last few years. Logically, I know it's impossible, but how is it that the last 16 years after the turn of the millenium flew by in the blink of an eye when the 16 years before it didn't? Is it just me or do you feel the same? Maybe I'm just getting weird in my old age. LOL!

July 12, 2016

IHSW July 2016

I remembered to put this up not at the last minute. Hooray for old age!! LOL!!

Summer has been unbearably hot here in South Florida. I've hardly stepped foot outside unless it's an absolute necessity and there looks to be no end in sight. Although, we are only in the middle of July. Oh well, it bodes well for a hermitting session, that's for sure.

OH!!! Package update!! It has been found! Funny story (after the fact): My friend's mother-in-law, who lives with them, was having a package picked up THE SAME DAY my packaged was dropped at their door step and the UPS guy picked up the wrong package. So, my packaged took a side trip to Oklahoma being making its way back to Michigan. I can laugh about it now. ;)

Not much progress on Yexian. It's been on and off. I bought these Water Erasable Pens from Amazon and they work really well! I might use them to mark stitch counts in the areas to be stitched later but right now the numbers on the sidelines have worked incredibly well. I also gridded by the 100x100 blocks with Sulky Metallic thread.

Let's see what happens this weekend. :) What will you be working on?

July 1, 2016

A New Start, A Lost Package, and A Needed Favor

It's Friday, it's Friday, it's Friday!!! That fact alone is a source of celebration for me. Couple that with the long upcoming July 4th Weekend and it sends me over the moon. Yes, I'm easy to please. LOL!

The good news first: I started Yexian!! You all know how I hate starts; all that vast expanse of fabric staring at me, taunting me about the daunting task ahead of getting it covered with pretty colors. Not to mention that unstitched fabric is so loosey goosey, no matter how taut I stretch it on the scroll frame. But, enough with the complaining. I got my butt in gear and started with the first color. 215 stitches later, I have a pathetic first pic. No... I didn't count the stitches. The app I use does that for me. Laziness at its finest. ;) Do disregard the gray mess on the left of the stitching. I was trying to mark some stitch count with a mechanical pencil. Needless to say, it didn't work. Ugh! Good thing that will be covered with the mat/frame, so all's well.

On to the bad news, y'all know about the 2 small gifts I sent to my friend and his wife right? Well, I sent it by USPS Priority Mail, followed the tracking, was deliriously happy when I was notified that it's been left on their front porch and then shocked when he texted  me after work to let me know that it wasn't on his porch! I was, and still is, speechless with disbelief. He checked with his neighbors but none of them had it and one of them thought she saw a package on his porch in the early afternoon.  They live in a very safe neighborhood and has never had a package lost. So, we're left with either 1. She was mistaken and the package was delivered incorrectly to another place or 2. It was stolen off his porch. Ugh!!!! I have a ticket started with USPS and they're going to try and see what the can find out. I feel so bad cos I was sending my friend picture updates and he was so excited to receive the package. Fortunately, his wife didn't know about it since hers was supposed to be a surprise. She's been going through a rough time with work and it was meant to cheer her up. So much for that. Arrrrrrrgh!!! I'm still hoping and praying that the package just got mis-sent and will be returned. In the interim, to cheer him up, I told my friend that I could send him high res pics of the framed pieces and he can print them out. :S

Finally, if I could trouble those of you with Facebook accounts for a favor: I'd mentioned a few posts ago about hubby's WW2 Website, When Lions Roared.  Since then, he started a FB page of the same name and I would like to surprise him with as many LIKES as possible. Help me out? :D


When Lions Roared WW2

A shout out to Tiff - Thank you for the links to your great-uncle's story!

HAPPY CANADA DAY to all my friends in Canada;

HAPPY JULY 4th WEEKEND to my American friends;

and finally HAPPY WEEKEND everyone!!! ;) ;)
Yexian HAED