August 16, 2016

IHSW August 2016

OK!! Got my timing right this week... albeit a day late. Hehe. It's IHSW time, *whoop whoop* though it's shaping up to be somewhat of a busy weekend for us. Two birthday celebrations upcoming: Friday after work, we'll be heading to Jupiter, FL for my friend Novia's youngest birthday dinner. He's turning 6.  Then Saturday afternoon will be taken up with my cousin's youngest's birthday party. He's turning 5. How time flies!!

Speaking of Novia (my sister from another set of parents), she came for a visit with her mom and 2 boys. I can't believe that it has been more than 10 years since we met online. *cue 'how time flies' statement* We sure have gotten into a lot of stitching and planning adventures, along with EK (our sister from yet another set of parents, LOL!), in all that time. *won't mention the trouble they've gotten into and had fun with every single one of those* Here's to many more 10-year increments, my sisters!

OK... so, I did NOT expect all the cheers and encouragement for me to start a rotation of Yexian and Wolfie. The whole objective was for y'all to discourage me. Please tell me none of you broke out the champagne. HAHAHAHA!!! (I haven't succumbed though... so Catherine, there might still be hope for us OAAT'ers. Hehehe.)

Back to the subject matter at hand though, this is what Yexian looks like right now. The objective is to finish the current color and get started on the lotus flower.

Yexian, IHSW, HAED, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law,

August 12, 2016

I've been naughty...

So, y'all know I'm not a stasher, right? And y'all know I'm an OAAT'er, right? The latter also means that I don't rotate projects, right?

Weeeeeeell, it could all possibly (note the operative word there) come to an end. Why do I think I'm hearing cheers and laughter at this point?... *glance around suspiciously*

Ok see, the thing is, hubby loves wolves and loving wife that I am, I'm always browsing and planning for the next wolf project. I mean, I stitched him Mates a loooooong time ago, but I'm sure y'all agree with me that one is just NOT enough, right?

So a few nights ago, my busybody planning self was browsing on Tilton Crafts and what do you know??!!! Shelley is having a SALE!! And then, be still my beating heart, I found the perfect wolf chart. Of course, I had to show it to hubby (since this will technically be for him) and his face broke out into a great big smile. Now, let me ask you, which loving wife would've been able to resist not purchasing it to make her hubby happy. Now, WE (LOL) are the happy owner of this beautiful chart.

In the Moonlight Charted Tilton Crafts  Cindy Grundsten
In the Moonlight
Charted by Tilton Crafts
Artwork by Cindy Grundsten

Which takes me to my rotation comment. Whilst Yexian is blobbing along quite well, we've also started playing Diablo 3 again (ugh, I know... don't say it). And now, with "In the Moonlight" howling my name, what's a girl to do with only 24 hours a day but contemplate rotation? *gasp* I must say though, just the thought of that is giving me heart palpitations.

Meantime, since Tilton Crafts is still having a fabulous sale, maybe you'd like to join me in my madness. Let me know what you find. :D You can use these coupons on both the WEBSITE as well as the ETSY STORE.
25% OFF cross stitch charts - Coupon Code: STITCH
10% OFF Fabrics and Floss - Coupon Code: FABULOUS
Expires Sunday Aug 14th at 11:59pm (Central US Time)

August 8, 2016

Yexian Update

Well, I had my dates mixed up and thought that it was IHSW sign up time. Must really want Labor Day Weekend to get here soon. ;) Since I took a current Yexian WIP in preparation for the IHSW post, I figured why not show more blobs? This is what about 12,500 stitches look like.

Yexian Stephanie Pui-Mun Law HAED

For fun, I decided to lay this side by side with the full picture. Lordy, I have a loooooooooong way to go.

Yexian Stephanie Pui-Mun Law HAED